Fashionmania 2010

Farbenklänge 2009

Diese aktuelle Serie ist eine Hommage an die Musik.

Dem Licht entgegen 2007-2008

Riding Home 2004-2007

This series pays tribute to my love and passion for horses as well as landscapes.

Wings and Clouds 2003-2005

Towards the Light 1998-2004

The war in Bosnia prompted me to paint this series.

Dreaming-a-head 1997-1998

These paintings are based on meditations on the seat of the soul.

Traces of Timeless Energies 1996-1997

The vibrational energies that surround us and protect us are the inspiration for this series.

Torsos and Objects in Space 1992-1995

This series is based on antique stone sculptures and surrealism.